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Handmade Stained Glass Cross Suncatcher

Handmade Stained Glass Cross Suncatcher

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Small stained glass crosses are exquisite decorative products created from pieces of colored glass connected by metal inserts. They embody beauty and spiritual meaning, adding bright accents and play of light to any interior.

Main characteristics:
- Materials: high-quality colored glass, lead or copper inserts.
- Dimensions: compact, ideal for use as a decoration or souvenir.
- Design: various ornaments of classical Christian symbols

- Home or church decoration
- Gifts for religious holidays
- Souvenirs from spiritual places

Size: 17х28cm  - 7х11"

Small stained glass crosses from our icon painting studio will gift your space a unique charm and spiritual depth.

Thank you for visiting our shop, come back again, God bless! 🙏🏼

Enjoy your shopping! 🤗

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